Department of Medicine
Bronx Lebanon Hospital Center
Affiliated with Albert Einstein College of Medicine


Internal Medicine Training For A Changing World

The science, art and practice of medicine are evolving at a fast pace.  Today’s internist, whether generalist or sub specialist, must master the broad range of internal medicine, learn to critically evaluate, incorporate new knowledge and respond to a changing system of health care delivery. We recognize these challenges and train physicians to meet them. Our goal is to train the complete internist: skilled, knowledgeable, caring, adaptable and wise. We provide general internists with the practical skills and detailed knowledge required to coordinate the care of patients with complex medical and psychosocial problems.

We are committed to training residents who will constantly pursue excellence and strive to provide a challenging yet supportive atmosphere, where autonomy and supervision are in dynamic balance. Our residents have an outstanding record of success in achieving their goals, including subspecialty and primary care careers. To prepare you for success in your chosen career, we have created a flexible program with a wide range of elective training opportunities. Residents have the opportunity to pursue research, rotate on subspecialty services and pursue non-medicine specialty rotations. Residents who complete the program will also be prepared for and are expected to successfully take the Internal Medicine certifying examination of the American Board of Internal Medicine.

In fact, the proper use of medical resources is, or should be, defined by the excellent physician using the right amount of resources to provide excellent care. We expect that graduates of our program will understand the changes occurring in health care and will be prepared to play a dispassionate, informed part in improving health care.We recognize that residency training in internal medicine is intense, demanding and stressful. It is also one of the most rewarding periods of one’s life, and we want you to experience it fully. We know and expect that as you pass through training, with time, you will feel an exhilarating sense of growth and mastery. This sense of growing confidence comes as you realize that you know much more than you did before and can handle more complex and challenging situations. Our goal is to help you achieve this mastery, and to realize that you will experience this growth and development for the rest of your life.